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Harrison, William Henry, St. Louis, to General Jonathan Dayton

Harrison, William Henry, 1773-1841
Harrison writes Dayton regarding what he knows about the Upper Louisiana. He states that as governor of Upper Louisiana he divided it into five divisions—St. Charles, St. Louis, St. Genevieve, Cape Girardeau, and St. Madrid—describing their locations, geography, inhabitants, and other assets such as lead mines and herds of buffalo. He remarks that he is busy organizing the courts and militia of the whole Upper Louisiana and making treaties with the Sac Indians. On a personal note, Harrison discusses his personal finances and the fact that although superintendent of Indian affairs for the Indiana Territory his salary is far lower than his deputies. He asks Dayton to petition Congress to consider giving him an allowance for the duties he performs as governor of Upper Louisiana. Lastly, Harrison introduces Dayton to Augustus Choteau, a citizen of Upper Louisiana., Dayton, Jonathan, 1760-1824, One page is blank. The Upper Louisiana District included such present-day states as Arkansas and Missouri.
Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Prairie du Chien (Wis.), Salt River (Mo.), Saint Charles (Mo.), New Madrid (Mo.), Sauk Nation, Choteau, Augustus, Indiana Territory. Governor (1800-1812 : Harrison), Harrison, William Henry, 1773-1841, Missouri--St. Louis
Indiana Historical Society
Part of:
William Henry Harrison Papers and Documents, 1791-1864
Indiana Historical Society
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