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Harrison, William H., Vincennes, Indiana Territory, to Messrs. Hyman and Simon Gratz, merchants, Philadelphia

Harrison, William Henry, 1773-1841
Harrison requests that coffee, sugar, tea, madeira wine, and rice be sent him via George Wallace. Harrison will either send the Gratz brothers or General John Wilkins the amount due., Gratz, Hyman, 1776-1857; Gratz, Simon, 1773-1839
Military supplies, Wilkins, John, 1761-1816, Gratz, Hyman, 1776-1857, Gratz, Simon, 1773-1839, Harrison, William Henry, 1773-1841, Wallace, George, Indiana--Vincennes
Indiana Historical Society
Part of:
William Henry Harrison Papers and Documents, 1791-1864
Indiana Historical Society
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