Jones, Walter
hopes family has recovered from their journey home, George Rose Jr presented to Thomas Jefferson, proceedings in Congress, presidential election, JM's has been suggested as a vice presidential candidate
University of Mary Washington
Part of:
Papers of James Monroe
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  • mpmw:5401 fatigue of journey has confined him to bed; arrangements for voyage to France
  • mpmw:24728 has received his credentials as Portuguese minister to the United States; ill health has delayed his journey to Washington
  • mpmw:1571 requests the Committee of Public Safety's assistance to insure that Thomas Pinckney has a speedy journey to Spain
  • mpmw:1578 Committee of Public Safety has ordered that horses be made available for use of Thomas Pinckney in his journey from Paris to Bayonne
  • mpmw:6119 has just arrived at Madrid; account of journey; instructions for James Bankhead's trip to Madrid; arrangements of sale of JM's coach in Paris