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Lear, Tobias
Algerian government is angry at the United States and refused to accept supplies brought by the Allegany, Lear and other Americans expelled from Algiers, controversy over the settlement of accounts between United States and Algiers, John Norderling, the Swedish consul has agreed to aid any American citizen remaining in Algiers, other consuls in Algiers outraged by dey's expulsion of Americans, United States should send a naval force to Algiers, hopes to sell Allegany's cargo in Gibraltar, no news from Tunis or Tripoli, character of Algerian admiral Bais Hammida, settlement of account for sale of cargo on board Paul Hamilton, account of annuities paid to Algiers, unhappy with negotiations between State Department and John Gavino for reimbursement, expenses incurred for biennial present
University of Mary Washington
Part of:
Papers of James Monroe
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