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Memorandum from President Eisenhower for Sherman Adams

This document relates to the Central Intelligence Agency and the Upper Colorado River Project., June 18, 1954 PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL Memorandum for Governor Adams [stamped "Dwight D. Eisenhower Library"] Two subjects that I discusses with Mr. Hoover at lunch this noon were: the possibility of using him in some way to "investigate" the CIA; the other was the wisdom of proceeding with the Upper Colorado River project. With respect to the first: He was quite clear that some kind of examination into the CIA would be valuable to the President. He thought that the personnel of any group conducting such an examination should command the admiration and respect of the Congress as well as the public; that the report would necessarily be a secret one, to be made only to Mr. Hoover himself and to the President; and that only its conclusions could be in turn transmitted to the proper individuals in the Congress, by the President, in order to reassure them as to the general efficiency, integrity and loyalty of CIA personnel, of the organizational set--up in the bureau, and the general effectiveness of the whole unit in accomplishing the purposes for which established. He of course remarked that he could not undertake the task in his capacity of Chairman of the Governmental Organization Committee. He would have to do so as an individual. However, he brought up to me, as he did to you, the possibility of his appointing a trustworthy Senator and a trustworthy Congressman to any such committee. This proposal brings up two points that possibly should be carefully studies:, -2- PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL a. While any member of the Congress would be placed on the committee in a personal rather than in an official capacity, still the requirement for keeping functions of the Legislative and the Executive Branches clearly separate might be violated by including Congressional members on such committee. b. The assumption by Mr. Hoover that he would app...
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Dwight D. Eisenhower Diary June 1954 (1), Dwight D. Eisenhower Diary
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