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President's Daily Diary Entry, April 5, 1968

On April 5, 1968, President Johnson met with civil rights leaders to discuss the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Around noon, the President attended a memorial service for King at National Cathedral. After returning the White House, Johnson delivered a televised address to the nation proclaiming Sunday, April 7, as a day mourning. Rioting in response to the King assassination broke out in a number of cities including, Washington, D.C., 11:00a The President approved and dispatched a telegram to Dr. and Mrs. Martin Luther King, Sr. - condolence on the death of their son, 11:22a Joe Califano wrote memo to the President -- "McKissick just came to gate of WH w/ two other negroes whom he demanded be allowed to attend the meeting. McKissick was invited to the mtg and other two could wait in the basement. McKissick said unless he could bring them to the meeting he was leaving..and he left." 11:59a 12:10p The President departed the White House -- via motorcade -- accompanied by Hon. Thurgood Marshall, Secy Weaver, Mayor Washington, Secy Clifford, Chief Justice Warren, Speaker McCormack (others from mtg in motorcade) en route to the National Cathedral for MEMORIAL SERVICE for Dr. Martin Luther King
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