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British News Release President Kennedy's Statement on Berlin

News release concerning England endorsement of President Kennedy's statement on Germany and Berlin., President Kennedy's Statement on Berlin News department today made the following statement on the record: (1) H.M. Government welcome and fully endorse the President's statement, particularly those passages concerning the whole German problem including Berlin. (2) We share the readiness of the U.S. Government, as indicated in President Kennedy's statement, to negotiate about the German question with the Soviet Government, provided always that the Soviet Government are ready to do this on a reasonable basis. We made this clear in our Note of July 17 to the Soviet Government, but if negotiation is to have any chance of success, we and our allies must demonstrate clearly to the Soviet Government that threats to pursue their aims through unilateral action can only create the most serious dangers. (3 ) H.M. Government fully agree with the U.S. Government that we must make such preparations as are required to face the critical situation which may arise. We have been kept fully informed by the U.S. Government of the development of their policy in this connexion. We have been in continuous touch with them through the visits to Washington earlier this year of the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary, through the diplomatic channel and, most recently, through the meeting in London this week between the U.S. Secretary for Defence and Mr. Watkinson. /(4) Any further, - 2 - (4) Any further steps that may have to be taken by this country will be a matter for discussion by the Foreign Secretary with his colleagues at the meetings to be held in Paris at the end of next week. There will also be full consultation within NATO on the role which NATO has to play. Accordingly, no statement can be made now on the nature of the steps which H.M. Government will take. These will not necessarily be identical with those taken by President Kenned...
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963, International relations, Germany
National Archives and Records Administration
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John F. Kenendy President's Office Files: Countries: Germany: General, Papers of President Kennedy: President's Office Files: Countries
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