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Thank You Letter For Evelyn Lincoln July 3, 1961

Letter of thanks written to Evelyn Lincoln for forwarding President John F. Kennedy's correspondence with Austrian officials., The Foreign Service of the United States of America American Embassy Vienna, Austria, July 3, 1961. Dear Mrs. Lincoln: Thank you for forwarding the various letters from the President to Austrian officials. We have also received signed photographs of the President for various officials some of which have been delivered. We have postponed delivering all we received because there is one ranking person for whom we have not yet received the requested signed photo. He is Secretary General Dr. Martin Fuchs of the Foreign Ministry. It would be awkward to deliver the photographs to lower ranking officials before this one is received. I might also mention that the Ambassador's butler received a signed photograph of the President but no one else at the Embassy, not even the Ambassador, has as yet received one. I appreciate that you and the President are busy with lots more important matters than these, but I did want to draw your attention to these circumstances. In the event the list has gone astray, I am enclosing one. With best wishes, Sincerely yours, [signed: "Herbert Kaiser"] Herbert Kaiser Second Secretary of Embassy Mrs. Evelyn Lincoln Personal Secretary to the President, The White House, Washington, D. C. [handwritten addendum] P. S. I expect to arrive in Washington on or about July 10 for consultation at which time I hope to give you a ring.
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963, Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich, 1894-1971, International relations, Vienna (Austria)
National Archives and Records Administration
Part of:
John F. Kennedy President's Office Files: Subjects: Trips, Vienna, Austria, Papers of President Kennedy: President's Office Files: Subjects
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