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Franklin D. Roosevelt to Paul Reynaud

For Raynaud personally I am particularly impressed by your [scratch out letters] declaration that France will continue the fight on behalf of democracy even if it means slow withdrawal [???] to North Africa and the Atlantic. Is is most important to remember that the French and British fleets continue mastery of the Atlantic and other oceans. Also to remember that vital materials from the out side world are necessary to maintain all armies. I am also greatly heartened by what P.M Churchill said a few days ago about the [word x's out] continual resistance of the British Empire and this [word x'd out] [un readable] would seem to apply equally to the great French Empire all over the world. [unreadable] power in world affairs still carries the lessons of history, as Admiral Darlma [sp ?] well knows.
Darlan, Fran������ois, 1881-1942
National Archives and Records Administration
Part of:
1940 Correspondence, The Franklin D. Roosevelt/Winston Churchill Correspondence
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