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Alterations to Winston Churchill to Franklin D. Roosevelt

[word underlined and highlighted] SECRET Alterations to be made in the Prime Minister's letter to the President of December 7th, 1940. (a) Paragraph 6, 9th sentence (page 5, line 13): For the sentence "we lack the use of ports or territory in Eire in which to organise(sic) our coastal patrols by air and sea" substitute " we are denied the use of ports or territories of Eire in which to organise (sic) our coastal patrols by air or sea". (b) Paragraph 6, 10th sentence (page 5, line 16): For the words "only one effective passage of entry" read "only one effective route of entry". (c) Paragraph 14, 3rd sentence (page 11, line 18): For the sentence beginning "The development of the air forces of the Empire" substitute the following sentence: "We are at present engaged in a programme designed to increase our strength to 7,000 first line aircraft by the Spring of 1942". [stamped] REGRADED UNCLASSIFIED
Air forces, Ireland
National Archives and Records Administration
Part of:
1940 Correspondence, The Franklin D. Roosevelt/Winston Churchill Correspondence
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