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Cordell Hull to Franklin D. Roosevelt

HSM GRAY London Dated August 27, 1940 Rec'd 10:50 a. m. Secretary of State, Washington TRIPLE PRIORITY 2912, August 27, 3 p. m. (SECTION TWO) You will remember that I said some months ago in one of my private cables to you that any such action on our part would be a dastard act and that in the opinion of everyone of us. If you felt able after our offer had been made to let us have the instrumentalities which have been mentioned or anything else you think proper this could be express as an act not in payment or consideration for but in (next word underlined three times) recognition of what we had dome for the security of the United States. Mr. President, this business as become especially urgent in view of the recent menace which Mussolini is showing to Greece. If our business if put through on big lines and in the highest spirit of good will it might even now save that small historic country from invasion and conquest. Even the next forty-eight hours are important." (END MESSAGE) RR kENNEDY
Air bases, Greece
National Archives and Records Administration
Part of:
1940 Correspondence, The Franklin D. Roosevelt/Winston Churchill Correspondence
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