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Cordell Hull to Winston Churchill

TELEGRAM SENT March 8, 1941 11 p.m. ATP This telegram must be closely paraphrased before being communicated to anyone (C) AMEMBASSY LONDON 786 [the word "Confidential" has been scored out] FOR THE AMBASSADOR Please transmit the following message to former naval person: QUOTE Personal. Notwithstanding some delay the ultimate passage by vote of sixty to thirty one is highly satisfactory. Final concurrent action by the House followed by my signature should take place Tuesday evening. Confidentially I hope to send estimate for new orders and purchases under the bill to the House on Wednesday. Best of luck. Roosevelt. ENDQUOTE. HULL (ASB) S: ASB [Stamped in bottom right corner "REGRADED UNCLASSIFIED"]
Lend-lease operations (1941-1945)
National Archives and Records Administration
Part of:
1941 Correspondence, The Franklin D. Roosevelt/Winston Churchill Correspondence
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