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Cordell Hull to Joseph Kennedy

COPY January 13, 1941. 6 p.m. NO DISTRIBUTION AMERICAN EMBASSY LONDON ["Strictly Confidential" has been scored out] In response to the message to the President quoted in your telegram No. 117, January 11, 5 p.m., please convey the following personal reply: QUOTE I have sent suitable instructions to the Ambassador at Vichy requesting that he make it clear to Marshal Petain that the offer came directly from you and involved more than a suggestion of assistance. In instructing the Ambassador to deliver this message to the Marshal at a suitable opportunity, I told Admiral Leahy that he should in no way give the impression of pressing for any response. ENDQUOTE HULL [stamped "Regraded Unclassified"]
National Archives and Records Administration
Part of:
1941 Correspondence, The Franklin D. Roosevelt/Winston Churchill Correspondence
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