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Photograph of President Truman at the dedication of the Carter Barron Amphitheater in Rock Creek Park, accompanied by his Military Aide, General Harry Vaughan (center), and his Air Force Aide, General Robert Landry (right).

National Archives and Records Administration
Part of:
Photographs Relating to the Administration, Family, and Personal Life of Harry S. Truman
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  • Photograph of President Truman and members of his party relaxing on the after deck of the presidential yacht, the U.S.S. WILLIAMSBURG, during a vacation cruise to Key West, Florida: (left to right) David Stowe, Administrative Assistant to the President; John Steelman, Assistant to the President; Charles Murphy, Special Counsel to the President; President Truman; Admiral Robert Dennison, Naval Aide to the President; Press Secretary Charles Ross; General Harry Vaughan, Military Aide to the President (back to camera); Commander Donald MacDonald, commanding officer of the WILLIAMSBURG; Gen. Robert Landry, Air Aide to the President.