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Letter to President William McKinley from Annie Oakley in which she offers the services of a company of fifty lady American sharpshooters who would provide their own arms and ammunition, to the government should war break out with Spain.

[Typeset Annie Oakley letterhead on which is written beginning in the upper left corner in blue pencil "a War" and in grey pencil ""acrd 4/15/98 [underlined]"] Nutley NJ Apr 5th Hon Wm McKinley President Dear Sir I for one feel confident that your good judgement will carry America safely through without war. But in case of such an event I am ready to plane a company of fifty lady sharpshooters at your disposal. Every one of them will be an American and as they will furnish their own arms and ammunition will be little if any expense to the government. Very truly Annie Oakley [signature], [written in red pencil] 33849 [underlined] A.G.O. 2441 Nutley, N.J. April 5, 1898 Oakley, Annie Tender of Service [stamped in blue ink] [dated "Received" stamp]
National Archives and Records Administration
Part of:
Letters Received, Records of the Adjutant General's Office
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