Diary Entry of Harry S. Truman

Called in Sec[retary] of State, Gen[eral] Marshall, Sec[retary] of War, Sec[retary of the] Navy, Gen[eral] Eisenhower, Adm[iral] Leahy, and Adm[iral] Nimitz along with Dr. Lillienthal to discuss new atomic bombs, and the advisability of testing them. Gen[eral] Marshall agreed that they should be tested but at a date beyond the Foreign Minister's meeting in Nov.-say from Feb[.] to April. I appointed Patterson, Forestal [sic] and Dr. Lillienthal to work out details with Gen[eral] Eisenhower and Adm[iral] Nimitz as advisors. Gen[eral] Marshall & Adm[iral] Leahy to be consulted as developments proceed. We must make the tests without insulting the Bolshies or our own Red helpers-headed by Wallace. Lunched with Marshall & Att[orne]y. Gen[eral] Clark in John Pye's dining room. Ross, Clifford, Latta[,] Haskett & John Steelman present. Marshall told the best story of World War II[,] at least Winston Churchill thinks it is. I endorse Churchill's judgement-about an American Army Chaplain being driven into Tunis after the German surrender. All Americans had gone forward so Germans took over traffic direction. Traffic terribly snarled up. The Chaplain with his corporal driver was stopped by a tough Nazi at a street crossing and completely "balled out" just as an American cop, would do it-only in addition to the balling out the Nazi traffic cop told the chaplain what he thought of the inefficiency and general no account make up of Americans. The Chaplain was kind and polite and tried his level best to be decent. In fact he went so far that the poor corporal driver could hardly hold his tongue. Finally the Chaplain pointed to his insignia and informed the tough Nazi cop that he belonged to the religious section of the army and finally remarked-"I am only up here to plant some of you Nazi bastards." The corporal was made very happy by that remark and I suppose the good Chaplain regreted [sic] it. Any way it's a good story and I...
Churchill, Winston, Sir, 1874-1965, Leahy, William D. (William Daniel), 1875-1959, Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David), 1890-1969, Marshall, George C. (George Catlett), 1880-1959, Wallace, Henry A. (Henry Agard), 1888-1965, Lilienthal, David Eli, 1899-1981, Hassett, William D. (William David), 1880-1965, Clifford, Clark M. (Clark McAdams), 1906-1998, Clark, Tom C. (Tom Campbell), 1899-1977, Forrestal, James, 1892-1949, Nimitz, Chester W. (Chester William), 1885-1966, Ross, Charles G. (Charles Griffith), 1885-1950, Patterson, Robert Porter, 1891-1952, Latta, Maurice, 1869-1948, Luncheons, Nuclear weapons testing, Presidential advisors
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1947, Diaries Files
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