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When Taft Shows How He Did It

This illustration entitled, "When Taft Shows How He Did It", by cartoonist Clifford Berryman, which appeared in the Washington Post on October 14, 1906, shows Theodore Roosevelt getting a laugh as portly William Howard Taft tackles a scrawney little fellow, which alluded to Tafts service as Commissioner of the Philippines, where Philippine revolutionaries were overwhelmed by U. S. military forces., President Theodore Roosevelt and cartoonist Clifford Berryman's beloved teddy bear get a good laugh as the portly William Howard Taft, dressed in football gear, tackles a scrawny little fellow holding a football labeled "Revolution." This refers to Taft's service as Commissioner of the Philippines during a period when Philippine revolutionaries, seeking independence, were overwhelmed by U.S. military forces.
National Archives and Records Administration
Part of:
Berryman Political Cartoon Collection, Records of the U.S. Senate
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Washington Post Company., (Publisher)
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