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Bill from Dr. Linder Inc. for Leg Braces with a Handwritten Note from Franklin Delano Roosevelt

TELEPHONE PLAZA 7206 [Handwritten]: Box 23 To ROBERT LINDER, Inc., Dr. Manufactures of Orthopedic Appliances No. 148 East 53rd Street Near Lexington Avenue M Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt 49 East 65 St., New York, N.Y. New York, July 5th, 1926 TERMS CASH Left Aluminum Drop Ring brace with Spring Snap at Knee - Stop at right angle - coil Spring to hold toe up: $100.00 Right Ankle Brace with right angle stop- spring to pull toe up: $35.00 $135.00 [Handwritten]: Braces don't fit - Will have to alter them when I get back in Sept. F.D.R. [Handwritten]: 8/9/26 [Stamp]: ROBERT LINDER, INC. PER: [Handwritten]: JW Thank you
National Archives and Records Administration
Part of:
Infantile Paralysis: FDR's Attack and Treatment, Subject Files
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