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Letter from Major Charles C. Pierce to Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt

In this letter, Major Pierce assures Mrs. Roosevelt that her wishes that Quentin Roosevelt's grave not be disturbed will be adhered to and an official announcement was given to the French Ministry of War on behalf of the American government., August 28, 1920. Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Oyster Bay, New York. My dear Mrs. Roosevelt: Are you really worried, lest there should be some interference with the grave of your boy in France? The matter has came up again through a letter presented by Mr. Walter Berry, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in France, who claims to be writing on your behalf, and that you are fearful that your son's body is to be removed to a concentration cemetery. I thought that this matter had been so definitely pronounced upon that there could be no question arising in the future. I have had Colonel Roosevelt's letter and your own in relation to the matter and an official announcement on the part of the American Government was forwarded to the French Ministry of War by my office in Paris under the date of February 25, 1919. Please comfort yourself with the belief that all possible instructions have been given to guard your wishes in the matter most sacredly. With appreciative memories of the kindness of your husband and yourself to me while I was serving as chaplain in Fort Myser, I am Very faithfully yours, CHARLES C. PIERCE, Major, U. S. Army, Chief, Cemeterial Division [Stamp] REVIEWED OSP SS. [End Stamp]
National Archives and Records Administration
Part of:
Roosevelt, Quentin, Correspondence, Reports, Telegrams, Applications, and Other Papers Relating to Burials of Service Personnel, Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General
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