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Letter from Secretary of the Interior E. A. Hitchcock to President William McKinley

This letter informs the President about an Act of the Cherokee National Council that was approved December 9, 1899., [typed in blue ink] January 9, 1900 The President, Sir: I have the honor to submit herewith an Act of the Cherokee National Council, passed at its regular 1899 session, approved by the Principal Chief, December 9, 1899, entitled, "An Act to authorize the Principal Chief to employ an attorney to represent the Cherokee Nation at Washington." The Act provides, "That the Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation be and he is hereby authorized to employ William M. Springer, of Washington City, D.C., to represent the Cherokee Nation in all courts in said city, in the several Departments of the Government and before the Committees of Congress, such employment shall continue for one year and he shall receive for his services the sum of three thousand dollars a year, payable quarterly, and the Principal Chief is hereby authorized to draw warrants upon the National Treasury, payable out of the General Fund not otherwise appropriated for the purpose of paying such compensation." Inspector Wright, in reporting on this Bill, says that, "if it is considered advisable that this Nation be permitted to have an attorney stationed at Washington for the purposes indicated and if similar acts of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations heretofore submitted are approved, I would recommend the approval of this Act." It will be noted that Inspector Wright's recommendation is conditional as to the advisability, and recommends the approval of this Act, "if similar acts of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations heretofore, -2- submitted are approved." No such Acts have been approved. A copy of the report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs upon the Act now submitted is herewith transmitted, by which, for reasons stated, the Commissioner respectfully recommends that the Act be sub...
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