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Participants: Swearing In of Betty Southard Murphy [Guest List]

February 18, 1975 Office of the White House Press Secretary NOTICE TO THE PRESS PARTICIPANTS: Swearing in of Betty Southard Murphy. Personal Mr. Don M. Castro, Jr. Cornelius F. Murphy, M.D. Ann Southard Murphy Cornelius F. Murphy, Jr. Miss Astevia Rodriguez Mr. Harry S. Southard Dr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Southard Don Southard Paul Southard Mary Louise Smith Judge June Green, U.S. District Court Industry Ralph Kittle, Vice President International Paper Company Douglas Soutar, Vice President American Smelting and Refining Co. Labor Joseph Torelli, President United Paperworkers International Union Arnold Brown, Vice President United Paperworkers International Union Louis Sherman, General Counsel Building Trades Kenneth McGuiness Labor Policy Association Department of Labor John T. Dunlop Secretary-Designate Bernard E. DeLury Assistant Secretary of Labor William J. Kilberg Solicitor of Labor Richard F. Schubert Under Secretary of Labor National Labor Relations Board John H. Fanning Member of the Board Howard Jenkins, Jr. Member of the Board Ralph E. Kennedy Member of the Board Peter Nash General Counsel John A. Pennello Member of the Board Congressional Senator Harry F. Byrd, Jr. Congressman James M. Collins Congressman John H. Dent Donald E. Elisburg, Chief Counsel U. S. Senate Committee on Labor and Public Affairs Congressman John N. Erlenborn Congresswoman Margaret Heckler Senator Jacob K. Javits Congressman Carl D. Perkins Congressman Albert H. Quie Senator Robert Taft, Jr. Senator Harrison A. Williams, Jr. Don Zimmerman, Minority Counsel U.S. Senate Committee on Labor and Public Affairs Edith Baum, Minority Counsel for Labor, House Education and Labor Committee # # #
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Press Releases, February 18, 1975, Press Releases
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