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Diary Entry of President Harry S. Truman

The President of the Republic of the Philipines [sic] met with the signers of the mutual defense treaty at the Labor Dept. Auditorium, where the Atlantic Pact was signed. He and I stood behind the signers. Sec. Atcheson [sic] signed first. Then General Romulo signed and turn about until all had signed. I introduced the President of the Republic of the Philipines [sic], who made a beautiful speech, ending with a pledge of everlasting friendship. As President of the United States I replied. We then went to a luncheon at the Blair-Lee House. As usual I toasted the Guest of Honor and he replied in a wonderful tribute to the United States. As usual, old Tom Connally, Texas Senator and Chairman of the Senate Foreign relations Committee, tried the best he could to insult one of my guests. That has been the usual procedure for the last four years., If old Tom isn't raising hell about protocol and where he sits, he is insulting one of the guests!
Romulo, Carlos P. (Carlos Pena), 1899-1985, Acheson, Dean, 1893-1971, Quirino, Elpidio, 1890-1956, Connally, Tom, 1877-1963, International relations, Legislators, Treaties, Visitors, Foreign
National Archives and Records Administration
Part of:
1951, Diaries Files
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