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Booth, Voting

Summary: Mobile voting booth was used in Columbus, Ohio, between 1880-1940. The booth is a trailer with a wooden frame and three black metal wheels. The exterior sides of the trailer are faced with decoratively stamped tin that has been painted silver. There are four small windows on one short side of the trailer and a door and a window on the opposite short side. On one long side there is a larger double-pane widow. On the opposite long side there is a door and two windows. The interior of the trailer is a large open space with four stall-type voting booths along the short side opposite the door. There is also a large rectangular table bolted to the floor of the trailer. The trailer has a corrugated metal roof. -- Color: Silver, brown, black -- Item Count: 1 item -- Dimensions: 340 cm high, 672.5 cm wide, 308 cm deep
tin (metal), trailers (vehicles), metal, wood (plant material)
Ohio History Connection
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