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Summary: Bicycle has a black metal frame, rubber wheels with wire spokes, and a seat covered in black leather. The flattened tires are held onto the wheels with black electrical tape. The handles are made of wood. One handle has a brass cap on the end that is stamped with a floral pattern. The front of the frame has an oval-shaped brass plate marked with a logo of a crescent moon with an arrow through the center. Text reads ECLIPSE BICYCLE CO. ELMIRA. N.Y. The part of the frame holds the front wheel in place is painted with the same crescent-moon logo in silver and gold in two places. -- Color: Black, silver, gold, brass -- Item Count: 1 item -- Dimensions: 42 cm high, 45.5 cm wide, 175 cm deep
bicycles, rubber (material), metal, wood (plant material)
Ohio History Connection
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