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United States Regimental; 23rd OVI Association; framed; stars and stripes surrounded on three sides with gold fringe; 35 gold stars arranged to make a large five pointed star; in the center of the large star is a red five pointed star outlined in gold; the following is inscribed in gold letters on the white stripes; 1st stripe: "Carnifax Ferry, Kanawha" (South Mt.) 2nd stripe: "Giles Courthouse, Bull Run, R___" 3rd stripe: "Antietam, Hockingspo_(RT) CL" (Cloyd Mt.) 4th stripe: "23rd Reg't, O.V.[I.]" 5th stripe: "New River Brige, Lexington, Lynchburg, Ca____, Cabletown" 6th stripe: "Halltown, Berrysvill, Opequan Creek Fishers' Hill".
Civil War, 23rd O.V.I., Reunion flag, Regimental flag, American, Union, 35 gold stars
Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
Part of:
Rutherford B. Hayes
Related persons:
Hayr, James
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