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Ribbon Badge, Commemorative

Ribbon, has a bar pin of a brassy color, ribbon has a beige background, drawing of two ribbon badges; ones has a bad pin, medal with out door scenery; an orange ribbon suspended from medal and a buckeye suspended from ribbon; other has an eagle perched on two cannon crisscrossing and some cannon balls; flag suspended from a five pointed star suspended from flag; in center 3 men and a woman are kneeling holding a child, two men are shaking hands; "DEPARTMENT OF OHIO G.A.R. 25TH NATIONAL ENCAMPMENT DETROIT, 1891" soiled, torn and frayed.
flag, star, Grand Army of Republic, Encampment, G.A.R., 25th Reunion
Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
Part of:
Rutherford B. Hayes
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