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1841 model, six-pounder field gun; bronze field gun, with serial #1, cast for the State of Louisiana in 1842 by Nathan Peabody Ames Foundry of Springfield, Massachusetts. During the Civil War it was converted into a 14-pound James rifled cannon. Union forces captured it during the civil war. Bronze; On lower section of cannon is stamped "LOUISIANA 1842" cylindrical shape; three sections of the gun; top section is wider at top than bottom; hole in top section; metal band ; then second smooth section; bottom section has two cylindrical projections coming out the sides used for sitting on a cart or some other method of transportation; this section stamped with "LOUISIANA 1812;" hole for firing is just above bottom of cannon; cannon cap with ball at end; on one of the mounting cylinder is written "N. P. Ames, Founder, Mass." Cannon ball at top is larger than the barrel of the cannon; written on cannon ball is "BRASS CANNON "LOUISIANA" CAPTURED DURING THE WAR FOR THE UNION 1861-1865."
Louisiana, 1842, Civil War, Cannon, Nathan Peabody Ames Foundry, Springfield, Massachusetts
Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
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Rutherford B. Hayes
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Ames, Nathan Peabody
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