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Telegram from Frank Harper to Joseph M. Dixon

Harper, Frank, 1882-1970
Frank Harper sends instructions to Senator Joseph Dixon regarding logistics for Theodore Roosevelt's speeches and transportation during his planned campaign tour. Roosevelt dictated a conversation about the ineffectiveness of the Sherman Anti-Trust Law as enacted by President William Howard Taft's administration. Roosevelt also takes issue with Taft's inaction over the tariff and wants a commission established to revise it so that it benefits farmers and laborers. He believes in the people's right to initiative and referendum, not as a replacement for representative government but as a means of ensuring it. President Taft feels that when the people elected him, "their voice was next to the voice of God," but that in regard to passing judgment on their own laws they are not "entitled to rule."
Campaign speeches, Political campaigns, Politicians--Travel, Antitrust investigations--U.S. states, Antitrust law--U.S. states, Social justice--Government policy, Farmers--Government policy, Agricultural laborers--Economic conditions, Tariff on farm produce, Referendum--U.S. states, Initiative, Right of--U.S. states, Representative government and representation--U.S. states, Political questions and judicial power, Recall of judicial decisions, Standard Oil Company, Taft, William H. (William Howard), 1857-1930
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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