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Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Cecil Spring Rice

Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919
President Roosevelt reflects on the combatants and potential outcome of the Russo-Japanese War. He likes the Russians but they have shown "stupendous mendacity" regarding Manchuria and cannot take their proper place until they "gain a measure of civil liberty and self government." Roosevelt has a higher opinion of the Japanese and is impressed with their rise in becoming a "great civilized nation." The Japanese have told Roosevelt that their goal is to remove Russia from Manchuria and to turn the territory over to China. However, Roosevelt is also wary of continued Japanese aggression and sees the potential for this aggression to clash with American interests.
Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), International relations, Race discrimination, Japan, Russia, China, China--Manchuria, Takahira, Kogoro, Baron, 1854-1926, Kaneko, Kentarō, 1853-1942
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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