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A false alarm on the fourth

Keppler, Udo J., 1872-1956
Uncle Sam, holding a firecracker, tries to reassure a concerned-looking female figure with wings labeled "Peace" that all the noise she hears is for the celebration of the Fourth of July. Celebrating with Uncle Sam are several figures labeled "Alaska, New York, Texas, Mass., Hawaii, Porto Rico, North, South." One disgruntled figure labeled "Philippine" is climbing over a wall. An African American is sitting near Uncle Sam. Some are lighting strings of firecrackers, "Texas" is shooting guns, and "Mass." is firing a cannon in the direction of the wall "Philippine" is climbing over. The U.S. Capitol building is in the background and a dove with olive branch hovers over the figure of "Peace." Caption: Uncle Sam--It's all right! There's no fighting! The noise you hear is just my family celebrating!
Uncle Sam (Symbolic character), Fourth of July, Firecrackers, Holidays, International relations, United States
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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