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Back from Bololand

Glackens, L. M. (Louis M.), 1866-1933
A large William H. Taft wears a stars and stripes turban, with a large knife labeled "The Big Bolo" stuck in his belt and a notice attached stating "For Stand Patters." He is speaking to a group of diminutive figures labeled variously "Congressman" with a "Manila Souvenir Spoon," "Philippine Industries, Free Trade Promises, [and] Senate Bill." In the background, on the left is the boarding ramp to a ship, and on the right are two entrances to a railroad station platform labeled "To Washington Direct." One entrance is labeled "Philippine Free Trade" and the other is labeled "Stand Pat." Taft is telling them to be sure to choose the correct train, i.e., to enter through the "Stand Pat" gate. Caption: Our Foremost Filipino -- Now, boys, after all my talking, don't go and take the wrong train.
Businesspeople, Exploitation, Free trade--Protection, International relations, Legislators, Philippines, United States, Taft, William H. (William Howard), 1857-1930
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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