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A drifting match

Keppler, Udo J., 1872-1956
Several small boats race on a calm sea for the "Nomination Stake Boat." In the boats are William H. Taft in the "Gnat" under the banner "Buckeye Y.C.," Joseph G. Cannon in the "Scat" under the banner "Danville Y.C.," Charles W. Fairbanks in the boat "Ice King" under the banner "Big Darby Y.C.," Leslie M. Shaw in the boat "Pshaw," and Elihu Root in the boat "Root." The face of Theodore Roosevelt fills the sun, smiling down on the becalmed racers.
Elections--Political aspects, Yacht racing, Cannon, Joseph Gurney, 1836-1926, Fairbanks, Charles W. (Charles Warren), 1852-1918, Root, Elihu, 1845-1937, Shaw, Leslie M. (Leslie Mortier), 1848-1932, Taft, William H. (William Howard), 1857-1930
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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