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"After you, sir"

Keppler, Udo J., 1872-1956
In a shooting match between France and Germany, a white bird labeled "Peace" has just been released from a trap labeled "Moroccan Situation" and the contestants are each waiting for the other to shoot first. Gathered around the shooting platform are rulers from European and Asian countries, including Uncle Sam, Edward VII, King of Great Britain, and Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia. Caption: If either one of them shoots, it is all off with the bird. Hunting and Shooting Number.
Contests, International relations, Shooting, Uncle Sam (Symbolic character), France, Germany, Edward VII, King of Great Britain, 1841-1910, Fallieres, Armand, 1841-1931, Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia, 1868-1918, William II, German Emperor, 1859-1941
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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