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"The Mikado" - second and last act

Pughe, J. S. (John S.), 1870-1909
Theodore Roosevelt appears as "Mikado Roosevelt" with a large cast of characters standing behind him: "Pish Tush Root," "Landis," "Pooh Bah Taft," "Burroughs," "Heney," "Cortelyou," "Steffens," "La Follette," "Folk," "Garfield," "Riis," "Loeb," and "Koko Bonaparte," who is holding a large sword labeled "Department of Justice." John D. Rockefeller labeled "Flim-Flam Business," and Edward H. Harriman labeled "Flim Flam Finance," are kneeling on the stage awaiting execution. Caption: "My object all sublime / I shall achieve in time -- / To let the punishment fit the crime -- / The punishment fit the crime. -- / And make each prisoner pent / Unwillingly represent / A source of infinite merriment, / Of infinite merriment."
Beheading, Business enterprises--Finance, Corruption, Operas, Operetta, Singing, Bonaparte, Charles J. (Charles Joseph), 1851-1921, Burroughs, John, 1837-1921, Cortelyou, George B. (George Bruce), 1862-1940, Folk, Joseph Wingate, 1869-1923, Garfield, James Rudolph, 1865-1950, Harriman, Edward Henry, 1848-1909, Heney, Francis J. (Francis Joseph), 1859-1937, La Follette, Robert M. (Robert Marion), 1855-1925, Landis, Charles B. (Charles Beary), 1858-1922, Loeb, William, 1866-1937, Riis, Jacob A. (Jacob August), 1849-1914, Rockefeller, John D. (John Davison), 1839-1937, Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919, Root, Elihu, 1845-1937, Steffens, Lincoln, 1866-1936, Taft, William H. (William Howard), 1857-1930
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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