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Congressional cracksmen

Keppler, Joseph Ferdinand, 1838-1894
"Policeman Puck" and Uncle Sam investigate a robbery at the U.S. Treasury. A safe has been broken into and a barrel labeled "150,000,000 $ Surplus" is empty, and there is a hole in the floor which leads to the Congressional chamber, below. A crumpled notice on the floor of the chamber states, "Congressional Theatre - The Hit of the Season!!! 'The 40 Thieves' - Keifer manager, Robeson property man." The robbery happens to coincide with the end of the first session of the 47th Congress. A ladder labeled "Adjournment of Congress" leans against an open window, supported by John A. Logan and John Sherman, as Horace F. Page and two other Congressmen descend. Other Congressmen, among them George M. Robeson carrying a sack labeled "Navy Appropriation" and James D. Cameron dragging a sack labeled "River & Harbor," are headed for their home states carrying sacks with "$" on them. Caption: Policeman Puck to Uncle Sam--"This is the work of Professionals!"
Uncle Sam (Symbolic character), Legislators, Criminals, Patronage, Political, Economic policy, Safes, Robbery, United States. Congress, United States. Department of the Treasury, Logan, John Alexander, 1826-1886, Sherman, John, 1823-1900, Davis, David, 1815-1886, Robeson, George M. (George Maxwell), 1829-1897, Keifer, Joseph Warren, 1836-1932, Page, Horace F. (Horace Francis), 1833-1890, Cameron, J. D. (James Donald), 1833-1918
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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