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Blundering again!

Gillam, Bernhard, 1856-1896
A group of Democrats sit on a log raft that is breaking up within sight of land, with two logs labeled "New Jersey [and] New York" coming loose and drifting away. A small sail on the raft is labeled "Democra[...] Record." Some are fighting amongst themselves. Allen G. Thurman is about to hit George Hoadly who is holding a paper labeled "Dem. Nomination for Gov. Ohio Hoadly"; John Kelly is fighting with Hubert O. Thompson who is holding a knife labeled "County Dem"; and behind them is Alexander V. Davidson labeled "Irving Hall" and holding a knife. Others seem on the brink of despair, including Abram S. Hewitt gnawing on a bone labeled "Tariff," Charles A. Dana defiant of fate, Thomas F. Bayard sitting with his elbows on his knees, Winfield Scott Hancock who appears to have succumbed, Thomas Hendricks chewing on his fingers, an unidentified man searching the horizon, Henry Watterson, and Samuel J. Tilden. Only Benjamin F. Butler shows any sign of hope as he points toward shore and the U.S. Capitol labeled "1884." Caption: The Democrats have their regular shindy just as they come in sight of land.
Political parties--Platforms, Shipwrecks, Rafts, Despair, Tariff, Presidents--Elections, Social conflict--Political aspects, Democratic Party (U.S.), Tammany Hall, Hewitt, Abram S. (Abram Stevens), 1822-1903, Bayard, Thomas F. (Thomas Francis), 1828-1898, Hancock, Winfield Scott, 1824-1886, Watterson, Henry, 1840-1921, Tilden, Samuel J. (Samuel Jones), 1814-1886, Thurman, Allen Granbery, 1813-1895, Kelly, John, 1821-1886, Thompson, Hubert O. (Hubert Ogden), 1848-1886, Dana, Charles A. (Charles Anderson), 1819-1897, Hendricks, Thomas A. (Thomas Andrews), 1819-1885, Butler, Benjamin F. (Benjamin Franklin), 1818-1893, Hoadly, George, 1826-1902
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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