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Driven to desperation

Opper, Frederick Burr, 1857-1937
William S. Holman holds up a page from "The Sun" newspaper that shows his portrait above the caption "Our Candidate for President - W. S. Holman." His hat and coat are on a chair and he is rolling up his shirt sleeves. He is armed with guns and knives, and a large club is leaning against a desk. He is threatening to kill Charles A. Dana. Dana kneels before him, pleading for mercy. On the desk is another page of the newspaper that states "Holman - the Peoples Choice." A display cabinet behind the desk contains Samuel J. Tilden beneath a sign "The Sun's Candidate in 1876" and Winfield Scott Hancock labeled "A Good Man 250 lbs" beneath a sign "The Sun's Candidate in 1880." Caption: W. S. Holman--"This portrait settles it, Mr. Dana! I am forced to kill you in self-defense!"
Presidents--Elections, Presidential candidates, Threats, Newspaper editors, Tilden, Samuel J. (Samuel Jones), 1814-1886, Hancock, Winfield Scott, 1824-1886, Dana, Charles A. (Charles Anderson), 1819-1897, Holman, William Steele, 1822-1897
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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