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"Evacuation day" March 4th, 1885 - a Democratic dream

Gillam, Bernhard, 1856-1896
Print shows the Republican Party, led by Chester A. Arthur, laying down their arms, with George M. Robeson, James G. Blaine, Roscoe Conkling, Whitelaw Reid, Carl Schurz, John Sherman, Charles J. Folger, Robert T. Lincoln, John A. Logan, Ulysses S. Grant, James D. Cameron, George F. Hoar, George F. Edmunds, and Henry Ward Beecher, exiting a citadel in the background. They are surrendering the presidency to the Democratic Party, led by newspaper editors Joseph Pulitzer of the N.Y. World , Charles A. Dana, and Henry Watterson. Samuel J. Tilden "Old Ticket," Benjamin F. Butler, Grover Cleveland, Thomas Hendricks, Winfield Scott Hancock, Rutherford B. Hayes, and Thomas F. Bayard are on horseback, and Tammany Hall, led by John Kelly, marches under the banner "To the Victors Belong the Spoils."
Presidents--Elections, Newspaper editors, Capitulations, Military, Tammany Hall, Democratic Party (U.S.), Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- ), Arthur, Chester Alan, 1829-1886, Blaine, James Gillespie, 1830-1893, Reid, Whitelaw, 1837-1912, Schurz, Carl, 1829-1906, Sherman, John, 1823-1900, Logan, John Alexander, 1826-1886, Grant, Ulysses S. (Ulysses Simpson), 1822-1885, Hoar, George Frisbie, 1826-1904, Edmunds, George F. (George Franklin), 1828-1919, Pulitzer, Joseph, 1847-1911, Watterson, Henry, 1840-1921, Tilden, Samuel J. (Samuel Jones), 1814-1886, Cleveland, Grover, 1837-1908, Hancock, Winfield Scott, 1824-1886, Hayes, Rutherford Birchard, 1822-1893, Bayard, Thomas F. (Thomas Francis), 1828-1898, Robeson, George M. (George Maxwell), 1829-1897, Conkling, Roscoe, 1829-1888, Beecher, Henry Ward, 1813-1887, Dana, Charles A. (Charles Anderson), 1819-1897, Butler, Benjamin F. (Benjamin Franklin), 1818-1893, Hendricks, Thomas A. (Thomas Andrews), 1819-1885, Kelly, John, 1821-1886, Folger, Charles J. (Charles James), 1818-1884, Lincoln, Robert Todd, 1843-1926, Cameron, J. D. (James Donald), 1833-1918
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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