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"A sail! A sail!!"

Keppler, Joseph Ferdinand, 1838-1894
A woman labeled "Dem. Party" reclines on the rocky coast of a deserted island. Nearby is an empty jug labeled "Bourbonism the Only Subsistence for 16 Years (1860-76)" and a broken cask labeled "For 8 Years (1876-84) Sustained Life on the Fraud Issue." She has sighted a ship labeled "Independent Republicans" headed her way. John Kelly, dressed like an Indian, is creeping over rocks on the right. He holds a bow labeled "Tammany" in one hand and an arrow labeled "Deal" in the other, and he wears a medallion around his neck labeled "J.K."
Presidents--Elections, Political corruption, Castaways, Barrels, Rescues, Sailing ships, Democratic Party (U.S.), Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- ), Tammany Hall, Kelly, John, 1821-1886
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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