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The socialists' theory, and how it would work out

Pughe, J. S. (John S.), 1870-1909
Print shows Uncle Sam, on the left, giving a bag of money to a man labeled "Socialist" and a bag of money to a man labeled "Businessman," he tells them "Gentlemen, I have divided the wealth of the country equally among all the people. Here are your shares, now go ahead and be happy!" At center, "The Start", the two men part ways with the socialist taking the path "To Idleness and Extravagance" and the businessman taking the path "To Industry and Thrift." On the right, at "The Finish," the two men again stand before Uncle Sam, this time the businessman is holding two bags of money and the dejected socialist is showing that his pockets are now empty.
Uncle Sam (Symbolic character), Businesspeople, Socialists, Socialism, Wealth, Poverty, Finance, Personal
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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