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Firing up the wrong boiler

Pughe, J. S. (John S.), 1870-1909
President McKinley holds an oil can labeled "Patronage" and turns the crank on a "Prosperity Engine" while Nelson Dingley shovels coal into a damaged "Protection Boiler" labeled "High Tariff Defeat 1890" and "High Tariff Defeat 1892." Nearby is a brand new and unused "Sound Financial Policy Boiler." William B. Allison pulls the handle on a large brass "Republican Whistle."
Tariff, Dingley tariff, Economic policy, Boilers, Success, Steam-whistles, Patronage, Political, Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- ), McKinley, William, 1843-1901, Allison, William B. (William Boyd), 1829-1908, Dingley, Nelson, 1832-1899
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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