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The mote in our neighbor's eye

Pughe, J. S. (John S.), 1870-1909
Print shows at center, Uncle Sam as a policeman attempting to stop a bullfight, calling it a "brutal and degrading sport." Vignettes surrounding the main image show a "Six Day Bicycle Race" with exhausted riders trying to continue, a "Foot-Ball" game with one football player jumping on another as medical staff carry off an injured player, "Pigeon Shooting," "Prize Fighting" where the crowd cheers as a boxer gets knocked down, and a "Base-Ball" game where a baseball player is "Assaulting the Umpire" with a bat.
Uncle Sam (Symbolic character), Bullfights, Pigeons, Shooting, Violence, Hypocrisy, Football, Baseball, Bicycles, Boxing
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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