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What he wants to see, be gosh!

Pughe, J. S. (John S.), 1870-1909
Print shows a "Hayseed Legislator" standing on the sidewalk of "Fifth Ave." in New York City, pointing his umbrella toward a tenement house labeled "The Vanderbilt Flats Formerly the Marble Palace." On Fifth Avenue there are street urchins, a hurdy-gurdy man with a monkey, a fruit vendor, and a man picking through the trash. Seen through windows on the ground floor of the tenement house are a woman using a sewing machine and a Chinese laundry. On the rooftop, a woman is hanging clothes on a clothesline. Caption: The New York up-country legislator will never be satisfied until he has taxed the millionaire out of the state.
Taxation, Tenement houses, Castles, Organ grinders, Street vendors, New York (State)
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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