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A question of courage

Young, Art, 1866-1943
A man labeled "Average voter" stands between two fields, trying to decide which one he should choose. On the left is the "Democratic Lot" showing "Bryan's Financial Fallacies, Schemes, Dreams, [and] Instability"; "Opposition to a Sound Banking System"; "Inexperience"; "Obstructive Policies"; "Tariff Reform"; "Jefferson's Ideals"; "Low Leaders [Thomas] Taggart, Fingy [William J. Connors], Hinky Dink [Michael Kenna]"; Anti-Everything"; "Sectionalism"; and "Croak and Kick Statesmanship." On the right is the "Republican Lot" showing "Past Prosperity" and "Constructive Policies" among "Arrogant Rule [Joseph Cannon], Extravagance, Tariff Graft, Parasite Plutocracy, Special Privilege, Swollen Fortunes, Pension Graft, Foraker Type of Statesman, [and as a snake] Wall Street." Caption: The Democratic lot - Better soil / The Republican lot - a more alluring field.
Presidents--Elections, Voting, Political corruption, Political parties--Platforms, American Republican Party, Democratic Party (U.S.), Bryan, William Jennings, 1860-1925, Cannon, Joseph Gurney, 1836-1926, Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826, Kenna, Michael, 1858-1946, Taggart, Thomas, 1856-1929, Connors, William James, 1857-
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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