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A desperate case of political dipsomania

Keppler, Udo J., 1872-1956
A drunken man sits in a chair with jugs and bottles labeled "Repudiation Gin, Free Silver Rum, Tillman's Firewater, Populist Whiskey, [and] Altgeld's Fizz" on the floor next to him. His rumpled hat labeled "Democratic Party" hangs off the back of the chair. "Dr. Puck" has approached from the left and recommends that he take the "Gold Cure." Standing on the left is a group of "eminent physicians" labeled "Harrity, Carlisle, Vilas, Whitney, [and] Russell," and one unidentified man. Caption: Dr. Puck--My unfortunate friend, we eminent physicians have held a consultation, and have decided that nothing will save you but an immediate and thorough application of the Gold Cure.
Silver question, Gold standard, Alcoholism, Alcoholic beverages, Presidents--Election, Democratic Party (U.S.), Harrity, William F., 1850-, Carlisle, John Griffin, 1835-1910, Vilas, William F. (William Freeman), 1840-1908, Whitney, William C. (William Collins), 1841-1904, Russell, William E. (William Eustis), 1857-1896
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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