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Among the silent ones

Taylor, Charles Jay, 1855-1929
Uncle Sam, holding a paper labeled "Political Guide," rides on a camel being led by Puck through the "City of Silence," past several silent sphinxes labeled "Tom Reed, Allison, McKinley, Morton, [and] Harrison." Includes dialogue between Uncle Sam and Puck that tells how these rulers were turned to stone for being unable to answer the currency question. Caption: Scene--The City of Silence in the Land of G.O.P., ferninst the Great Political Desert. - Enter Uncle Sam with Puck, his Dragoman.
Uncle Sam (Symbolic character), Sphinxes (Mythology), Silence, Silver question, Gold standard, Political parties--Platforms, Camels, Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- ), Reed, Thomas B. (Thomas Brackett), 1839-1902, Allison, William B. (William Boyd), 1829-1908, McKinley, William, 1843-1901, Morton, Levi P. (Levi Parsons), 1824-1920, Harrison, Benjamin, 1833-1901
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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