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An awful day of reckoning at hand for John Bull - Ireland's dream of an irresistible anti-English alliance

Keppler, Udo J., 1872-1956
Puck's stereotyped Irish man labeled "Ireland" is pictured as a military general, sitting on a rocking horse labeled "Home Rule," holding papers that state "Muster-Roll of the Anti-English Army," and addressing a ragged group of soldiers labeled "Germany, Russia, Venezuela, Japan, Transvaal, [and] Ashantee." Uncle Sam is standing among the soldiers. John Bull, in a state of shock, is standing on a small island just offshore. On the ground next to the rocking horse is a box labeled "Servant Girls Home Rule Contributions."
Uncle Sam (Symbolic character), John Bull (Symbolic character), Autonomy, International relations, Hobbyhorses, Armies, Ireland, Great Britain
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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