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Letter from Edward B. M. Browne to Elihu Root

Browne, Edward B. M.
Edward B. M. Browne informs Elihu Root that he is now an open opponent to President Roosevelt in the 1904 campaign for President. Browne insists that Roosevelt "hates the Jews" and can prove that Roosevelt protected Smith and Payne. Browne also suggests that several of Roosevelt's "friends" really want him defeated in the 1904 Presidential campaign. Browne has sent letters to General James Sullivan Clarkson concerning Roosevelt and he urges Root to phone Clarkson to see those letters as the "campaign of 1904 may depend upon your and General Clarkson's actions in the matter."
Presidents--Elections, Political campaigns, Race relations, Clarkson, James Sullivan, 1842-1918, Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919
Theodore Roosevelt Center
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